Wynyard Hall Wedding Photos – Natalie and Will

Wynyard Hall Wedding Photos – Natalie and Will

Mandy and I always look forward to returning to Wynyard Hall.  We have photographed many weddings at this magnificent venue but this was the first with a bouncy castle! YES a bouncy castle!  And after seeing how much fun the bride, groom and all their friends had I hope other couples consider this quirky wedding activity.

Natalie and Will are a lovely couple and seem to be a perfect match for each other.  Mandy and I wish them both all the very best for the future.

Natalie looks radiant as she prepares for the biggest day of her life!  Natalie and her  8 flowers girls & bridesmaids had plenty of space in Wynyard Halls luxurious rooms.

One very happy bride to be…

Natalie and her father enter the Chapel at Wynyard Hall, such a beautiful setting for a  wedding.  The two photographs of Wynyard Chapel (Above & Below) all emphasise the benefits of having two photographers.  The last thing you want on your wedding day is the photographer moving around to get photos from different angles.  As you can see from the above picture I was in the perfect position to get the bride walking down the aisle.  During the whole ceremony I stayed at the front and was well positioned to get many excellent photos.  But having to stay at the front can also be very restrictive as I would miss all the photographic opportunities from the rear of the church.  As you can see below, having a second photographer adds whole new dimension to the portfolio of wedding images.  Mandy and I have been working together for years and have an excellent understanding of where each other will be at different times.  

The above photograph is one of my all time favourite images from Wynyard Hall Chapel.

And let the fun begin!!! As a wedding photographer with many years experience it is rare that I come across something new, but this was a first for me.  When I set off on the morning for the wedding, the last thing I thought I was going to be doing was photographing a bride, in her wedding dress, on a bouncy castle.  Having said that, the bride and groom will have not thought it either as the the bouncy castle was a surprise present and neither of them knew anything about it.  A very well received gift and it went down a storm!!!

To see a few more Wynyard Hall wedding photos please pop back later in the year as this is the first of three weddings there this year.


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