Those special moments….

This short sequence of photographs from Julie and Cameron’s wedding does make me laugh!  Several friends and family wanted to throw confetti so Mandy and I were busy trying to get everyone organised.  We were almost ready to go when one of the guests decided to take centre stage and show off his latest dance moves.  A quick kick up the rear from Cameron and he was off…

Ninja Dog

I regularly take my camera out when walking the dog(s), unfortunately they don’t make the best models and never seem to stand still for long enough.  Just when you think ‘oh that would be a good picture’  they’re off again.  Anyone who photographs animals professionally is a better person than I am.  However I did laugh when I got this one today when Cocoa (the ninja) was about to pounce on Barry.  They also got close up and personal with some horses, although a little nervy at first Barry did pluck up the courage to get a little closer…

Crathorne Hall Wedding Photography

Below is a small sample of images from Melanie & Phil’s recent wedding at Crathorne Hall in Yarm, North Yorkshire.  The bride and groom had travelled from Leeds back to the North East for their special day.  Melanie & Phil were great on the day, as were all their friends and family who made us feel very welcome…



New look ‘PHOTOFUSION’ DVDs for 2012

At Diamond Photography we strive to be inspirational, innovative and creative to offer products not available from our fellow professionals.  We do not focus on what our competitors offer; instead we concentrate on our own strengths.

For a long time now we have offered album designs which are unique to Diamond Photography.

Another area in which we are market leaders are our bespoke ‘PHOTOFUSION’ DVDs.  Many photographers offer a slideshow of your images to music of your choice.    At Diamond Photography we use software and techniques used by the film making industry.  We are always looking to embrace new technologies and deliver ground-breaking products to an ever demanding clientele.  For sometime we have been developing a fresh, new look to our DVDs, the result is a stunning fusion between images, music and animation.

If you are intrigued and would like to see a sample, please follow the link below:

Jesmond Dene Wedding by Diamond Photography

(Best viewed at HD quality and with sound on!)


June 2012 is now FULLY booked!

June 2012 is now FULLY booked!

August 2012 has been fully booked for a while now and we expect July and September to follow suit very soon.  There are only a small number of dates available for July and September 2012 so please get in touch ASAP.  If you are considering choosing Diamond Photography for your big day please email us to check our availability or risk being disappointed…


Nikon D4 v D800 for Wedding Photography

Nikon D4 v D800 for Wedding Photography

Nikon D4 – £4800
Nikon D800 – £2300

The Nikon D800 has now been announced and is available for pre order (like the D4). With a whopping 36.3 MP sensor this will be a great camera.

So having just sold one of my D700’s and ordered a D4, the question is do I sell my other D700 and buy a D800 too?

The question I keep asking myself is do I really want 36MP images, do I (as a wedding photographer) have a need for such large images.  My D700 is only 12MP and I can print very large images from that, A2/3 not a problem, beautiful images.  I’m just not sure what the benefits would be of using D800?  One big drawback I see is the file size, I guess the D800 RAW image files will be around 50MB.  1000 images from a wedding will 50GB, they will all have to be processed, archived etc.  I can see the head line figure 36MP, potential clients thinking WOW, more mega pixels, must be good!  I expect the D800 will print A0/1 images, but I have NEVER been asked to print an image anything like that size.

The main reason for ordering the D4 was the high ISO capabilities.  In dimly lit venues, churches etc I regularly max out my D700 at ISO6400.  The D4 will give me 1-2 stops of useable ISO plus a slightly larger image (16MP).  Canon’s top model the 1DX has 18MP sensor which is a clear indication that 16-18MP is the sweet spot for top quality images.

When I shoot a wedding most (90%) of my shots are taken with my main body and 24-70MM F2.8 lens.  I have my second camera set up with 50mm F1.4 prime lens, this may be swapped for 70-200MM F2.8 or macro lens depending on the situation.

So the question I ask myself is would I use D4 or D800 as my main body?  Weddings are all about adapting to quickly changing lighting conditions.  It is for that reason the flexibility of the D4 wins hands down, in my opinion of course.

I am a bit of gadget geek and always want the new toys.  When the D4 was announced I felt sure this would be a step up from my D700 and financially a sound investment.  However even though the D800 is less than half the cost of the D4 I find myself having to think twice if it would be beneficial to purchase one?

The bottom line is both the D4 & D800 are going to be great cameras; it’s a great time to be a photographer!

1) In the coming months will people be opting for the D4 or D800?

2) If they were both the same price would people be opting for the D4 or D800?

3) D4 v D800 v 1DX – Which would you choose?

Please feel free to post your opinions/thoughts…

Look forward to hearing the comments of others…

Why choose Diamond Photography?

As proactive photographers we continually seek to offer our clients the best possible service at affordable prices.  One of the biggest changes we have made for 2012 is to restrict the number of weddings we attend per week.  Obviously there is a lot more to wedding photography than just taking pictures on the day.  In order to deliver a high quality service it is crucial that we allocate sufficient time for editing images, designing albums, visiting venues, meeting with clients and so on.  Therefore from 2012 onwards we have decided to cover a maximum of 2 weddings in a week.  This ensures we can provide a premium service in all areas of our business.

You can find more details on why you should choose Diamond Photography be clicking here

2012 going to be another busy year…

We are only a week into 2012 and we have already completed our first wedding.  It’s going to be another busy year!  August is already FULLY BOOKED and June, July & September are filling up quickly.

Mandy and I had a great day with J & C at their big day at Matfen Hall.  It was an early start with groom prep in Newcastle and then off to the venue.  The bride looked absolutely stunning and she had the most amazing bright red shoes!  Pictures should be ready in a couple of weeks and I will post few here…